TYSON WHITNEY PHOTO Manager Angie Clance (left) and employee Sara Klatt share a smile at Monk Office Supply in Port Hardy.

Monk Office Supply is your one-stop business supply shop on the North Island

‘Our products are great for businesses, education, offices, home and personal use’

Angie Clance has managed Monk Office Supply in Port Hardy for 14 years now.

“I came in as an assistant manager,” said Clance, who added that just two weeks after she started working for the company, the manager put in a transfer to move to Victoria.

Clance stayed in the position of assistant manager for the next nine months working with a supervisor from Courtenay, before officially taking over as the store manager.

She’s been the manager at Monk Office Supply ever since.

Born and raised in Port Hardy, Clance moved to Newfoundland until she was almost 12 before her family came back home.

When she first started working at Monk Office Supply in 1988, the building was in the plaza by Moe’s and Scotia Bank.

They moved to their current location by the Clothes Inn six years ago.

Clance said having the right staff with good customer service is the key to running a successful business on the North Island.

“We have great staff here,” she said. “They’re all super friendly, which makes it a pretty fun place to work. We have lots of laughs here.”

“We’re the only office supply store here on the North Island, so our products are great for businesses, education, offices, home and personal use,” she said, adding what she loves the most about living in Port Hardy is the small town feel.

“Right now I’m raising a young family. I like knowing where my kids are and that I know who everyone in town is. The North Island is a beautiful spot, a real hidden gem.”

Clance said she still loves coming in to work everyday. “Everybody has their days where they’re like ‘oh gosh I’d like to be retired’, but overall yes, I absolutely love coming in.”

In her spare time, Clance is the Vice-President of the Tri-Port Motocross and ATV Club. Her kids ride bikes at the 7 Mile race track which holds events twice a year.

“If your kids are going to be involved in things, you need to put your time in to help make it work,” she said, adding she organizes all the details that go into successful weekend races, making sure the events run smoothly.

The Tri-Port Motocross and ATV Club will be holding their annual May long weekend event this coming Saturday and Sunday.

The races will start at 9:30 a.m.

“It’s always very entertaining,” said Clance. “There’s definitely never a dull moment at the track.”