HANNA PETERSEN PHOTO Check out The Shed at their new location in downtown Port McNeill.

The Shed moves to a new location in downtown Port McNeill

The bike shop has been a Port McNeill staple for around a decade.

While still located in downtown Port McNeill, The Shed Bike and Outdoor Store has moved to a brighter and better location.

The business is now located front and centre at 311 Hemlock Street.

They continue to offer full-service bike repairs, as well as a large selection of bikes to suit all kinds of riders (Mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX, Cruisers, children’s bikes, and a range of previously pedaled bikes).

They also carry bike parts, helmets, accessories, and clothes.

“We wanted to be out in front for more exposure because we were tucked in the back before,” said Eva Koel, referring to The Shed’s old location behind Subway. “The old space was bigger, but this is a better layout.”

This may be a new chapter for The Shed, but the bike shop has been a Port McNeill staple for around a decade. Koel’s brother actually started the small bike repair shop ten years ago, and Koel took the over the business when he went back to his job as an electrician.

Koel says she’s seen an increase in bikers over the years. “There’s way more people riding bikes,” she confirmed, adding she thinks it’s because “people want to get fit – bottom line.”

The Shed serves people from all over the North Island. “We have lots of Island customers so it’s a really large span,” said Koel, noting they see everyyone from hardcore commuters, to mountain bikers, to families from Port McNeill and the surrounding towns.

“We get tourists who ride all the way from Alaska to Argentina, or you get the odd one that’s going across the country,” added Koel.

The Shed’s full-service bike repairs are done by master mechanic, Rob Russell. In the new location, Russell has a much larger work station which Koel said is a good thing because “a lot of people rely on him in the North Island.”

Russell agreed and said he likes the space because “it has a larger shop area for me,” and also mentioned it feels like a “more traditional bike store.”

Although The Shed specializes in all things bikes, they also carry a wide range of outdoor gear to help get people on the slopes or spending time in a tent.

“Before it was hard to find us,” said Russell, noting “I think it’s a better location, overall.”

Stop by and check out their new location, anytime from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.