Pool Sharks

I am totally in love with Storey’s Beach.

I am totally in love with Storey’s Beach. The beach and I were introduced, back in 1974, through Helen Scott, who had a craft shop in Port McNeill. Aware that I painted, she was most insistent that I have a look at “this wonderful beach near Port Hardy”. Thanks, Helen for starting my romance with this incredible gem planted so close to us on North Island.

In the years following my introduction, Storey’s has held my affection and adoration; not to mention immense inspiration. I really don’t know how many times I’ve painted it; changing seasons and weather produce many challenges. Its biggest offering for me is its tranquility and unchanging solidity. After spending some time with it, I feel more grounded and at peace with the world. As time goes by and my body goes along with it, I have never lost my addiction. I still need to connect with it for the magic touch.

Some of you may know that my wife and partner for 59 years, is in Eagle Ridge Manor, a long term care home in Port Hardy. She is still very healthy physically so when I visit her, usually three times a week, I take her out for a drive, very often to Storey’s Beach. It seems to have the same effect on her that it does for me. We come away more centered and at peace with ourselves.

At Eagle Ridge Manor, Ann is there for a second summer, a time when there are more people enjoying the beach, frolicking and playing in the sand, with its array of pools and puddles. Ann and I enjoy watching all the action with families, kids and dogs racing around in very little clothing, getting sandy and wet and loving it! Sometimes I take photos of all the free-wheeling playfulness and use them to paint in my studio. Included is one of them. I hope I’ve captured the fun!