A Brush with Henschel: First Ice

This painting was done from sketches in the high country where the trees were still brilliant.

Kervin’s Corner: Sustainability in our community’s strongest industry possible?

“First Nations in the surrounding areas are in their full right to protest fish farms.”

Letter to the Editor: Larock/Hanacek op-ed misses the point

Op-ed misses the point of the public discussion on Vancouver Island’s remaining old-growth forests.

A Brush with Henschel: Breaking the Silence

“I sketched and photographed amidst this cacophony for a couple of hours…”

Letter to the Editor: Not all First Nations are against fish farms

“Many First Nations people are in fact gainfully employed by Marine Harvest.”

Windmill blade arrives in Port Hardy
    Tri-Port Midget Wild tournament goal highlight
      Port McNeill students protest fish farms
        Campbell River "A" Atom Tyees breakway goal

          A Brush with Henschel: The Nimpkish at Lookout Mountain

          I did a sketch of this scene and painted a finished watercolour from it just lately.

          Debate on Vancouver Island’s old growth forests must be based on facts, not emotions

          The difficulty with any conversation about old growth forests begins with the definition.

          Kervin’s Corner: Port Hardy Residents Need Further Discussion on Proposed Multiplex

          The multiplex project would mean a new building to replace the existing civic centre.

          Op-Ed: Let’s have the hard conversations about forests on Vancouver Island

          The vast majority of Vancouver Island’s original forest has been logged.

          Letter to the Editor: We live off the backs of those who go before us

          “It makes me angry hearing school board employees selling insurance.”

          Our View: Fish farm issues are a big deal

          Whatever side of the fence you fall on, fish farms are an important issue that need to be discussed.

          A Brush with Henschel: A last blaze of colour

          In autumn, the predominant colour varies all the way from a light lemon yellow to a rusty orange.

          Tyson’s Thoughts: Here’s some context for you

          I still believe what I wrote on North Island local government pay stands up on its own merit.

          Letter to the Editor: RDMC Chair has contrasting view to recent editorial

          “We simply do not and cannot make decisions behind closed doors.”

          Great Gardens: How to be a Successful Gardener

          Want to become a successful gardener? Learn to think like a plant.

          Tyson’s Thoughts: Seven Hills Memories

          To this day, I still smash my driver like it’s a baseball bat to show that I can outdrive my brother.

          Kervin’s Corner: Highway Hoopla

          The Massey Tunnel and the proposed replacement project was squashed by the NDP government.

          Tyson’s Thoughts: Facta non verba

          Gazette readers are aware of the amount of work local government does for the North Island.

          Letter to the Editor: RDMW chair fires back

          “I do not know a single elected official on the North Island doing what they do for the cheque.”