Write in the wild: How to get that book from start to finish

Escape the dis trac tions of day-to-day life and con cen trate on writing that book you've been working on. Award-winning North Island author Paula Wild is offering intens ive writ ing work shops at Sea Watch Cabins on Vancouver Island’s West Coast this spring.

What was your best car?

    Mysterious offshore orcas visit Port McNeill’s Harbour

    A group of 12 offshore killer whales was extremely active right in front of the community of Port McNeill, British Columbia; even repeatedly spyhopping (popping their heads out of the water). To have whales this visible near your home is a great gift but, all the more remarkable is that these were very mysterious, threatened whales.

    Japan needs sisterly help on its path to recovery

    Japan is just starting to recover from the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Japanese citizens devastated by the natural disasters and their aftermath need our help.

    Hardy author writes lessons for life

    Port Hardy's Alfred Gagnon wrote Eternal: For Those Who Know They Are to document his intellectual journey on which he formulates a philosophy of living.

    • Mar 31st, 2011

    Nature paves winter walkways

    One of the benefits of a cold North Island winter has to do with all the lakes, streams and marshes in our back country wilderness. During most of the year many of them are not as navigable as we would like them to be, even with a canoe or kayak.

    Kaouk, the trailer park sea lion returned to the wild

    Kaouk, Port Alice’s “Trailer Park Sea Lion”, has been released back into the wild and appears to be feasting on herring. He also has quite the human following.

    The natural order of things makes more sense

    We live in a world where the law of man is warped. It is a system that only the rich can afford. Where the criminal element is coddled. And, where government employees have legal perks coming out the ying-yang.

    A vista preserved

    If you live on Northern Vancouver Island I guess I don’t have to tell you we’ve had an exceptionally mild winter; admittedly moisture-laden but, nevertheless, mild.

    A glass half full

    You win some and you lose some . . . or do you?

    Weather prediction

    According to Environment Canada and all their high tech wizardry, this was supposed to be the winter of La Nina. Remember all those bone chilling warnings. It may yet come to pass. The Farmer’s Almanac predicted a low to medium La Nina which is closer to the truth to date.

    Alive and flipping

    • Feb 3rd, 2011

    Hornsby crawler seeks new home

    A one-of-a-kind steam tractor is in search of a loving home. Rather, the North Island Historical Society is looking for a home for its 100-year old Hornsby crawler steam tractor.

    • Feb 3rd, 2011