Port Hardy Councillor Wishart joins marijuana advisory commission

Port Hardy Councillor Leightan Wishart was appointed to the Marijuana Advisory Planning Commission at the District’s last council meeting.

“When Council first talked about the legalization of Marijuana I showed an interest in being involved and fortunately for me I’m able to take part,” said Wishart, who added he “wants to know where the residents of the North Island stand on the issue, and I will support the majority.”

Wishart said he wants to “make sure if and when it comes to the North Island, it is distributed in a safely controlled manner, and is respectful of the community members. I know members of the community who use cannabis for medicinal purposes and I understand it can be a challenge to get it — having a local shop would help with the problem.”

He added he has concerns about people driving under the influence, under age use, additional health care and policing costs, but “ultimately it will be Council’s decision, and when that time comes I would like to have as much information as I possibly can so I can make an informed decision that is in the best interest of the majority of local residents.”

The commission will be looking at subjects like regulating the zones in which marijuana can be dispensed, dispensaries proximity to other dispensaries, whether dispensaries can be combined with retail, if the dispensaries will be located close to schools, and more.