Candice Vanoverschot giving eyelash extensions to her mother, Lonnie Collins. (Debra Lynn photo)

Candice Vanoverschot giving eyelash extensions to her mother, Lonnie Collins. (Debra Lynn photo)

Candi Island Beauty Bar opening in Port Alice

Vanoverschot’s former life is a far cry from the beauty industry


After getting a new pizza place, coffee shop, contractor and a hairdresser, Port Alice now has its own beauty bar.

Candice Vanoverschot, a former Langley resident who arrived in Port Alice in May of 2021, will add “self-pampering” products and services to the village’s growing business environment.

The beauty bar offers services that include eyelash extensions, waxing, eyelash lifts and tinting, eyebrow tinting, henna brows and brow lamination, as well as bath products such as shower steamers, scented candles, Epsom salts, and body scrubs.

The idea to start the business came to Vanoverschot when she was trying to find eyelash extensions for herself on the North Island.

There were two places that were able to do them, but one wasn’t accepting any new clients and the other didn’t have any openings for four weeks.

The latter one wasn’t going to work for her because, even if she got a full set, she would need a fill every two or three weeks.

While working as a cleaner in Port Alice and Port Hardy, she also heard from several clients that they couldn’t find anyone to do their eyelashes.

She adds, “I figured if I do offer the service even people that didn’t think they want eyelash extensions might actually want some.”

Vanoverschot began her training in January, taking a few two-day courses from private businesses on the mainland.

She is interested taking more schooling in the summer so she can also add massages, facials and other services to her repertoire. She will be gauging what people are interested in, saying that she is open to suggestions.

Vanoverschot’s former life is a far cry from the beauty industry, working at what she calls, “mostly man jobs.” With a father who is a thoroughbred racehorse trainer, she says she has been working with horses “since she was a toddler.” As an adult, Vanoverschot would rescue horses from bad situations, sort out whatever issues they had, train them and sell them to good homes. She also worked in the construction industry, installing windows and siding and, since arriving in Port Alice, she has been cleaning houses.

Vanoverschot says, “I’ve always been super interested in the beauty industry, just never got into it.” She jokes that she wanted a “more womanly job,” one where she can make people happy and help them feel good about themselves.

Vanoverschot was drawn to Port Alice by her mother who bought a house here a couple of years ago. She came to visit a few times and liked it, saying, “It’s really beautiful here.”

She was also getting tired of city life “with traffic and busy fast-paced chaos.”

In her free time Vanoverschot likes to go adventuring on logging roads with her boyfriend, Jeremy Connolly, owner of Connolly Contracting, and her son Bo, as well as spending time with them at Alice Lake. She also likes to go horse-back riding, having brought her horse with her that she shelters in Hyde Creek.

Vanoverschot has not finalized her business hours yet.

She is considering opening during unconventional times such as evenings and weekends to accommodate people who work during the day.

Candi Island Beauty Bar is located at 1011 Marine Drive in Port Alice, you can contact the business at 604-614-8683 or

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