(Port Hardy Chamber of Commerce)

(Port Hardy Chamber of Commerce)

Preview: North Islanders to mull cannabis business ideas over chamber lunch

Luke Biles, business advisor, will facilitate the meeting over lunch at Rendezvous Place.

North Islanders will have an opportunity to mull ideas over cannabis business ventures as the Port Hardy Chamber of Commerce hosts an event. The Business of Cannabis, an in-depth discussion on the industry, will give locals the opportunity to observe trends, opportunities and challenges in retail cannabis stores.

The chamber’s executive director, Elizabeth Aman-Hume said that “the topic of the hour will be very interesting, so please take some time out and join us.” She added the Business of Cannabis will be the last event for 2018.

Luke Biles, an accountant and business advisor, will facilitate the meeting over lunch at Rendezvous Place in the North Island Mall, Nov. 28 from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

“Through his direct industry experience,” the chamber’s press release stated, “our guest speaker, Luke Biles, brings an on-the-ground understanding of the complex challenges in the business of cannabis.” Biles hopes the discussion will educate locals on a few key points – how big the potential market may be, for example – in the industry.

“With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis, this burgeoning market is still in its infancy – which brings both risks and rewards,” concluded the release.

Following the event, Biles offers one-to-one consultation for those interested in the business. The business consultation, stated the chamber, are a first come basis.

The Business of Cannabis was sponsored by North Island Employment Foundation. The guest speaker was sponsored by MNP.