A Gordon Henschel original painting.

A Gordon Henschel original painting.

A Brush with Henschel: Busting out all over

“This painting was done right out of my studio window.”

What a wonderful world, especially in spring!

It doesn’t matter where you look; it’s reaching out with colours that you have forgotten over the grey five months through which we have just struggled. First of all, the alders are gaining reddish browns that make them pop out when growing in front of a grove of evergreens such as hemlock or spruce; but the greens that are back are more dazzling than the winter ones and seem to return with a hundred different tones. Green on green on green, BUT among all the greens, appear little displays of gorgeous pinks and reds, looking ever so bright against their green backgrounds.

Usually I am offering you a painting done in some exceptional place, along with some directions how to get there; but this time my subject is ubiquitously situated so I can’t impress you with location. This painting was done right out of my studio window, alders and all plus, of course, the wonderful little salmonberry blossoms.

These great little bushes have placed themselves on both the north and south sides of my studio, which gives them different blossoming times because one side is in the shade of the alders while the opposite side is in full exposure to the sun. Here they have two seasons of flowers!

I am totally convinced that the robins hang around my yard just waiting for the salmon berries to appear. Goodness knows, there are very few worms in this soil. However when the berries appear, the robins become so voracious that I have a hard time finding any for myself! As I watch them “dive – bombing” into the bushes to gain access to the berries within, I thank our Creator for this delightful addition to our environment and our lives!