North Island Rising is a column written by Port McNeill local Bill McQuarrie. Agree or disagree with the column, email letters to and we will publish them online and in print.

North Island Rising is a column written by Port McNeill local Bill McQuarrie. Agree or disagree with the column, email letters to and we will publish them online and in print.

Drama queens of the internet

‘As a rule, contented taxpayers are less inclined towards revolution’

Portrayed as a secretive and malevolent organization, the so called Deep State is in truth, nothing more than a drama queen’s heaven; a digital nirvana where the art of the spectacle is so perfectly matched with blissful mindlessness.

It is a make believe world, a paradise that ignores reality by allowing devotees to experience the child-like delights of temper tantrums.

The frenzied outbursts that have moved from the attention seeking adolescent who once rolled around screaming on the floors of grocery store aisles, to the comments sections on social media. It is a world where, unencumbered by truth, drama queens with their unique and toxic displays of ignorance reign over their tiny cyber domains.

This online basement suite is a place where logic and common sense are renounced in favour of short-tempered and short-sighted buffoonery. Take for example, the many conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic.

One of my recent favourites, on a reoccurring theme, is the belief that COVID-19 doesn’t exist. It is instead (and I’m not making this up), an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the government in order to gain control of all Canadians.

This tinfoil hat theory began with a picture posted on social media showing a less than full hospital parking lot. From there a bright eyed drama queen seized the opportunity to chase his 15 seconds of fame and shouted – in all caps of course – that the almost empty parking lot proved the hospital mustn’t be busy and therefore the pandemic was a hoax.

As you think about this, keep that mental image of the child having a temper tantrum in aisle 7. It helps explain so many things about their quasi-adult world.

But let’s for a moment give the benefit of the doubt to these conspiracy theory drama queens and see what benefits their deep state conspirators would get in return for creating the pandemic hoax.

To begin, the resulting loss of jobs and business bankruptcies mean the newly unemployed would no longer pay income tax on salaries or business incomes.

This brings about a decline in government revenues and that doesn’t sound like the kind of conspiracy a big, bad and expensive government would want to intentionally create.

Economics 101 suggests it is pretty hard, if not impossible, to fund the evil empire on declining revenues.

And to make matters worse for this supposed corrupt and manipulative government, those same newly unemployed will be claiming EI benefits, creating a spike in expenses at a time when tax income is in decline.

So this pandemic hoax generates less revenue for the deep state along with increased costs. On top of that, consumers stop or cut back on spending, meaning more layoffs, more bankruptcies, mortgage foreclosures and… Well it becomes a perpetual motion fiscal and human disaster machine. So how does this benefit the deep state?

Would they not do better and generate more money for their fiendish and secret activities if everyone was healthy, happy, working and paying taxes?

As a rule, contented taxpayers are less inclined towards revolution or to notice the dastardly deeds of those supposedly pulling the levers of power in the deep state.

I realize it is hard for the ‘desperate for an audience drama queens’ to gain any recognition when logic and truth prevail. But as usual, I suspect those qualities will be replaced by some all caps outburst right here in the aisle 7 comments section.

Bill McQuarrie is a former publisher, photojournalist and entrepreneur. Semi-retired and now living in Port McNeill, you can follow him on Instagram #mcriderbc or reach him at