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In search of a Port McNeill freelancer to help lend the Gazette a hand

We want to hire someone who is willing to dig deep to uncover the dirt
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Hello and welcome back to Tyson's Thoughts.

I don't have a whole lot of time to waste on an introduction today, there's far too much stuff going on here in the North Island and there's something specific I need to talk about right here and now.

I am currently looking for a freelance writer/photographer who lives in Port McNeill that wants to cover local politics/news stories.

Having a local mud raker in Port McNeill is always a wonderful addition to the North Island Gazette, and it's really unfortunate we don’t currently have anyone on staff who lives there and is able to help cover what's going on in the area.

If you're wondering what the job entails, it's pretty straightforward.

Do you live in Port McNeill, know what’s going on in the community, and want to help make residents more aware?

Do you enjoy writing?

Do you have a camera that takes good quality pictures?

Send a 500 word writing sample along with a photo to and we can make something happen.

We want to hire someone who is willing to dig deep to uncover the dirt and isn’t afraid to state their opinions in public. Also, it would really help if you have some skills at taking photographs so we can see visuals of all the interesting stuff that goes on in town.

This is a great opportunity for the residents of Port McNeill to have their very own freelancer again, and I for one would love to see it happen.

I'm hoping someone from the community will be interested in stepping up to the plate and lending us a helping hand.

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Tyson Whitney

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