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11th Victor’s Secret Fashion Show raises over $16,000 for North Island cancer patients

‘There are so many people involved with our success’

Written by Cheryl Verbrugge

As always, I am speechless and overwhelmed by all the generosity and support we have once again received for our Victor’s Secret Fashion Show event.

There are so many people involved with our success. Without every single one, there is no way we could pull this event off.

Timberland Sport Centre - Ticket Sales and donation.

Dalewood Beer and Wine - ticket sales and donation.

Devil’s Bath Brewing Co. - donation.

Shana Marshall - donation.

IGA - donation.

Tyson Whitney - North Island Gazette.

Town of Port McNeill - donation.

V-Echo Restorations - donation.

Annetta Atkinson-Murgatroyd - CFI Fitness - donation.

Halls West Coast Contracting Ltd.- donation.

Lasota Contracting - donation.

ShopRite - donation.

The Bro Factory - donation.

Just For You Cards - donation.

Shannon’s Creations - donation.

Charmed Charcuterie - donation.

Tim and Elly Chester - donation.

Ray and Tammy Bono - donation.

Progressive Diesel - donation.

Mugz 2.0 - theme day.

Micron Machine Works in Memory of Frankie Domeier - donation.

Anonymous - donation.

Evelyn McLaughlin - donation.

Wade Shepherd - donation.

Island Foods & Freight - donation.

Gate House Theatre - use of lights.

Hanna-Ray Turnau for the fantastic job of MC’ing. Mike Leonard for donating his time and services for the music. The amazing Kendra Parnham-Hall for the grand finale costumes and for all you do for the guys and for the committee. Nate Rutherford and Greg Parnham for helping the committee decorate the hall. Leighann Murgatroyd Ruel, for yet again, the most amazing decorations.

To all the gentlemen that stepped up to help keep our show going this year - you were all so amazing.

Chris Miner

Colin Hunko

Reece Lloyd

Jesse Lloyd

Leo Dort

Kole Croxen

Callum Bigland

Finn MacDonald

Mike Leonard

Taylor Ellis

Aaron Riehl

Thank you to the awesome bartenders - Keith Beek, Steve Verbrugge, Cyndy Grant and Liza Furney.

To our committee, for all the time you put into Victor’s all year round. And especially for all you do the night of. I truly appreciate every single one of you. Tammi ‘Beech’ Beek and Keith Beek, Janice Taylor-Ellis, Ginny Wilson Rutherford, Kendra Parnham- Hall, Brenda Wiggins, Julie Perreaux, Leighann Ruel, Dino Datos, Sarah Jorgenson, Kathy Coupe Walker, Lana Atkinson-Browne, and Steve Verbrugge.

And of course, the audience! Thank you all for spending your evening with us.

Victor’s Secret 2024 raised over $16,000 for cancer patients Woss-north.

“Thank you” will never be enough.