Local Hero Awards coming to the North Island

“These people are making a difference in our communities and deserve to get recognized.”

The North Island Gazette is excited and proud to announce a new community event coming to the North Island called the Local Hero Awards.

Local heroes is all about celebrating and recognizing amazing individuals for performing exceptional acts of service that are selfless and courageous, making our communities such a vibrant and rewarding place to live and work.

The Awards create a platform for the those powerful people stories that make our communities strong.

The word “hero” has many connotations.

There are those who wear uniforms, such as firefighters, policemen, and first responders, all working to make our lives safer every day.

For doctors and nurses, saving lives is part of their regular routine – it comes with their career choice.

There are those who go to war for our country, helping to shape the landscape of our nation.

And there are also heroes within every community, who work behind the scenes every day to ensure their home is as good as it can be. On the North Island, we are blessed with many different kinds of heroes – from those who accept heroic acts as part of their job description, to those showing great instances of bravery and courage, to those who spend their entire lives making life better for others: all Local Heroes.

We are introducing the Local Hero Awards as an opportunity to recognize those in our community who go the extra mile to make our home such a wonderful place to live.

“This event is very near and dear to my heart,” said Lisa Harrison, Black Press representative. “I have lived on the North Island since I was four-years-old and have had the privilege of working with many different community events and committees.”

Harrison understands “the hard work that goes into volunteering – So many people get left unnoticed. The huge efforts from local businesses donating, community groups and people devoting hours and hours of their free time. These people are making a difference in our communities and deserve to get recognized.”

On Wednesday, May 16, the Port Hardy Fire Department will hold a red carpet event with, music, food, special guest speakers, First Nations dancers, men and women in uniforms, and more. Each sponsor will be presenting these great awards – Hero of the Year, Art Advocate, Emergency Services, Educator of the Year, Coach of the Year, Unsung Hero of the Year, Community Builder, Community Volunteer, Courage/Bravery, Environmental Hero, Senior Champion, Youth Volunteer, and will be honouring each winner with a hand-crafted award from Jason Hunt.

“We have a group of key leaders in each of the communities to represent and legitimize the nominations and process, as well as act as an ambassador of the event and awards,” said Harrison, adding, “We are asking the public to take part in the voting process as well.”

Do you know that special someone that should be recognized as a Local Hero in our community?

We need your votes to help these special people get recognized.

Just go to this website for all the details on how to vote.


– Gazette staff

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