Facebook photo of the Quatsino Museum.

Facebook photo of the Quatsino Museum.

Quatsino looks to celebrate 125th anniversary with temporary display at museum

Temporary display will remember those who contributed in the making of the unique community.

The Quatsino Museum, in celebration of Quatsino’s 125th Anniversary, is looking to put together a temporary display that remembers those who contributed in the making of the unique community.

“We are attempting to compile a list of ‘all’ who have lived here (Quatsino, Drake Island and the Johnson River area) as property owners, renters, or boarders over the past 125 years – a very long list!” said Gwen Hanson, member of the Quatsino Archives Association. “The final list will become part of the ‘Why Quatsino?’ Display.”

Families and individuals on the list are being asked to supply the archives with the answers to the ‘Why’ questions below – the answers will be displayed as part of the Display:

– Why did you (or your family) choose Quatsino?

– Why did you stay?

– (and perhaps) Why did you come back?

For those who the museum has lost contact with or who are long gone, they will utilize the museum’s archives or depend on local knowledge.

Your ‘Why’ answers – and old family photos? – can be emailed to quatsino.museum@recn.ca, or snail mail them to Quatsino Museum c/o Gwen Hansen, Gen. Del. Quatsino B.C. V0N 2V0.

This will be a fluid display and more names and ‘Why’ answers will be added as they come in.

“We understand that travel restrictions, self-isolation requirements and social distancing will impact when you will be able to visit our museum, but we are optimistic that things will get better and we will see you again soon,” added Hanson.


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