Raz: Creating his own Chemainus in the North Island Part 3

Raz: Creating his own Chemainus in the North Island Part 3

Mehran ‘Raz’ Razmpoosh has put the finishing touches on a brand new painting inside the Thunderbird Mall, but this time it’s not a wildlife piece.

Raz was commissioned by the mall to create a heritage painting of Port Hardy based off a photo from the 1940s.

“It took me six days to complete it,” said Raz. “It was quite a concept that I really enjoyed making. I ran into a lot of old friends here who told me lots of stories about all these buildings and the old Seagate Wharf. It was a lot of fun— I love nature, and I love heritage scenes, because they really bring the memories back.”

Raz has previously finished two other projects inside the mall, and he noted there is still “lots of walls here” and he would love to come back and paint more murals for all of the residents to enjoy.

But until he gets that call to paint more spaces in town, Raz will soon be heading back to his home in Vancouver to continue teaching art classes to the youth.

Above all else, Raz noted he is grateful for this project “because it brought the heritage of Port Hardy to life.”


Raz was born in Tehran, Iran (1960).

He began traveling in 1980. His artistic journeys led him through most European countries. He supported himself by painting cultural scenes from the places he visited and selling them to residents who admired his work. In 1980 Mehran began painting on a larger scale. By 2005 he had completed over one hundred murals across Canada, mostly in British Columbia.

Check out more of Raz’s incredible mural work at http://www.razmurals.com/


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Raz: Creating his own Chemainus in the North Island Part 3