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Vancouver Island pop-soul artist taking forward steps with new music

Buwa releases new single It Don’t Matter from his EP Just Call Me Buwa
Nanaimo pop-soul artist Buwa recently released his new single It Don’t Matter from his EP Just Call Me Buwa. (Photo submitted)

A Nanaimo artist can’t wait to re-introduce himself to audiences.

Buwa, born in Nigeria and now living in the Harbour City, recently released his new single It Don’t Matter from his latest EP Just Call Me Buwa.

The pop-soul artist started his latest musical project several years ago, but had “really bad writer’s block,” he said in a press release, and wasn’t liking anything he wrote. His unhappiness with his life and career spiralled, especially during the entertainment industry’s slowdown at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As time went on, I learned the hard lesson of accepting where I was in life and living in the present instead of some future, I had dreamed of for myself. As soon as I started coming to terms with it, I began to hear melodies in my head, and It Don’t Matter was born,” Buwa said.

The singer reached out to revered producer SizzlePro, who has collaborated with some other big-name artists from Africa.

The release notes that Buwa is inspired by soul music giants such as Whitney Houston, India Arie and others.

“It’s no wonder It Don’t Matter combines nostalgic pop elements in the musical production, and highlights Buwa’s staple old-school vocals that don’t come by often these days,” the release noted.

The singer said he not only tries to tell stories with his music, but also inspire the listener to be able to see the image of what he has created. He feels he’s been able to accomplish that with his new EP and thinks listeners will be able to relate to his music.

“Everyone knows how it feels to be in transition from one life stage to another, how it feels to not know what the next day or next period of your life will be, how it feels to not know if your sacrifices will pay off, how it feels to almost taste your next step, how it feels to just accept yourself or life stage, and the growing pains that come with it,” he said.

It Don’t Matter can be found on YouTube and Spotify. For more information about the artist, visit

About the Author: Nanaimo Bulletin News Staff

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