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LETTER: In defence of a prominent and well liked and needed physician

‘Dr. Armogam was my physician for as long as I can remember’

Dear editor,

RE: Bill McQuarrie’s North Island Rising column on Dr. Armogam and Island Health

I have passed my 90th birthday last October and then had the unfortunate situation breaking my hip bone, not up in the city forest (or the First Nations Forests) but slipping on a carpeted step and the consequences were quite disastrous for me and I am still suffering the consequences for it even after six months. Let that be a warning to all seniors who deal with carpeted steps (I apologize to the reader if what I need to write does not turn out very professional, but it is what I have to say that should matter).

Dr. Armogam was my physician for as long as I can remember and I could hardly believe what I read in the last North Island Gazette, the North Island Rising column by Bill McQuarie! For Island Health, if I understand that correctly, not to include Dr. Armogam in their new clinic, a clinic government funded as is the one in Port Hardy here, and then make him the offer they did, sounds like an incredible insult to an older and very experienced and very needed physician, and I am sure every patient of his will agree, or the general public, the reader of the Gazette and beyond.

I am reminded of the Biblical parable, “The builders rejected the stone that should have been the foundation stone of their building.”

Even if the doctor should perhaps politically not be in agreement with the new model, I am speculating here, surely he will go along with what Island Health has in mind, building a clinic on the model of the Port Hardy clinic, financed totally with government money (which the Port McNeill clinic apparently lacked, again if I understand this correctly). But something is hidden from me here, and someone from Island Health has acted rashly, not realizing they are depriving a great many patients of an experienced dedicated physician.

Wilhelm Waldstein,

Port Hardy

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