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Crime stats: New acting detachment commander meets with Port Hardy council

Sgt. Trevor Busch is Port Hardy’s new acting detachment commander until the position is filled
Sgt. Trevor Busch (far left) discusses crime statistics and more at the District of Port Hardy’s May 28 council meeting. (Youtube screenshot)

Port Hardy RCMP’s new acting detachment commander Sgt. Trevor Busch was live and in person at the district’s May 28 meeting of council to discuss the district’s crime statistics over the past year (April 2023 to March 2024).

Busch has almost 18 years of policing experience under his belt and was previously posted in Duncan for the last six years. He’s been living in Port Hardy for three weeks now, and he’s actually just filling in as the detachment commander temporarily until the RCMP are able to find someone who is willing to accept the posting.

“The position was advertised and no applicants applied,” confirmed Busch. “I will be here doing my best to help out until that position is filled.”

Busch noted the Port Hardy RCMP has some “really excellent members at this detachment and I hope to just keep sharing the good news they are doing.”

As far as Port Hardy’s crime statistics for the last year, Busch went on to briefly list some of the biggest files the RCMP have had to deal with.

There was an explosion back in June at a Winter Harbour logging camp that was deemed not criminal in nature, at the end of June there was a significant wildfire out on the Holberg Road, in August there was a disturbing sexual assault investigation that took place at Stink Creek Park where the RCMP indentified the suspect and charges were laid, in late August there was a fatal MVI on the Holberg Road, in September there was a significant investigation into a stabbing at the Providence Place Motel where the suspect was identified and successfully charged, in November there was a minor MVI on Mayor’s Way Road that was deemed not criminal in nature, in November there was an armed robbery where the suspect was identified and charged, in January there was a stabbing at the Thunderbird Mall where RCMP members managed to save the person’s life and arrest the suspect on scene, in February there was a fatal motor vehicle incident on Highway 19 involving a dump truck, in March there was a local state of emergency declared and following that six individuals were arrested and charged with drug trafficking, in March a person was arrested with a loaded weapon inside of their vehicle while leaving a BC Ferry, and just recently the RCMP made another drug trafficking bust where two people were arrested on Thunderbird Way with numerous charges.

To learn more about Port Hardy’s crime statistics and how they have fluctuated over the last two years, you can view the video of the Port Hardy council meeting online at the district’s Youtube site.

There were 4684 total files opened by the Port Hardy RCMP from April of 2023 to March 2024 (up from 4000 opened in 2022-2023), which are listed below.


Common / Trespassing – 173;

Assault w/ Weapon or CBH – 36;

Aggravated – 13;

Criminal Harassment – 5;

Utter Threats Against Person – 53;

Sexual assaults

Sexual Assault – 47;

Sex Assault w/Weapon or CBH – 1;

Sexual Interference – 14;

Aggravated sexual assault – 0;

Sexual Exploitation – 2;

Missing persons – 88;

Mental Health Act – 192;

Intoxication related disturbances

Intoxicated in public – 320;

Liquor violation tickets issued – 4;

Breach of peace – 253;

Secondary involving alcohol – 151;

Cause disturbance – 500;

Secondary involving alcohol – 370;


Mischief under $5,000 – 98;

Mischief over $5,000 – 2;

Loss Enjoyment of Property – 112;

Bylaw Noise – 50;

Unspecified Assistance – 391;

False alarm – 119;

False/Abandoned 911 – 138;

Break and enter

Break and enter business – 5;

Break and enter residence – 26;


Theft from motor vehicle less than $5,000 – 3;

Theft from motor vehicle more than $5,000 – 0;

Shoplifting under $5,000 – 26;


Breach of Probation (Adult) – 12;

Breach of Probation (Youth) – 2;

Bail Violations – 154;


Drug trafficking – 6;

Drug possession – 3;

Traffic enforcement

Criminal code impaired – 49;

IRP – 27;

Driving complaints – 22;

Violation tickets – 69;

Violation tickets nonmoving – 37;

Traffic notice written warnings – 74;

Motor Vehicle Incident Fatal – 2;

Motor Vehicle Incident Injury – 9;

Motor Vehicle Incident Over $10,000 – 7;


Prisoners held – 563;

JJP Hearings – 88; and

Detentions from JJP Hearings – 24.

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