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Vancouver Island gets off light as first wildfire smoke drifts to the coast

Light smoke should abate overnight and clear Saturday
Light smoke is anticipated to remain across Vancouver Island, clearing overnight Friday (May 17). (

Parts of Vancouver Island may already see some smoky skies as light smoke filters from fires in north east of B.C., shown on

The map follows and predicts concentrations of fine particular matter at ground level from wildfires. Friday (May 17) sees light smoke between 10 and 28 particulate matter (pm) starting at the top of the Island, making its way down through the course of the day.

While some might notice the light smoke, the provincial air quality index forecasts low risk air quality health concerns.

Smoky skies should abate over night across the Island and remain clear through Sunday, as far ahead as the map predicts.

Find the smoky skies map online at

Find provincial air quality index online at

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