Kevin Cameron photo

Kevin Cameron photo

Port Alice municipal election candidate Kevin Cameron’s profile

Cameron achievements include lobbying governments to create a community forest.

Kevin Cameron’s mayoral candidate biography

He is married with four children and four grandchildren. Two children on North Vancouver Island, and two children in Vancouver, B.C. He served on council 1996-2005 and proud of his accomplishments on council. What would those be? 1998 Western Summer shutdown Kevin and his friends built the baseball dugouts so everyone would be warm and dry. Kevin also lobbied Western Forest Products time and time and time again to sell the Village 5 acres to create an Industrial Park for a greatly reduced price and we have that Industrial Park today.

Cameron’s biggest accomplishment to date was lobbying the provincial government and other stakeholders to create Community Forest which allows Port Alice, Port Hardy and Port Mcneill to receive forestry monies on a rotational basis. Port Alice receives that money today and we are a richer community because of that.