Ron Reimer photo

Ron Reimer photo

Port Alice municipal election candidate Ron Reimer’s profile

Reimer speaks on experience in Port Alice, and said, “I am proud of my time and work in this town.”

Ron Reimer’s councillor candidate biography

I’m Ron Reimer and I am running for councillor in Port Alice. I have lived here all of my 58 years. I went to school here and NISS and played lots of sports including ice hockey, baseball, basketball and floor hockey in the gym and floor hockey in arena. In Grade 4, 1969-70, I would catch a ride with my Dad when he was on day shift just so that I could play floor hockey in the gym at R. H. Richmond school in old Port Alice. My 3 boys were raised here and we loved the safety and closeness and togetherness of this town. With a small town though, we felt it necessary to keep them busy, and sports was our method of choice. So with that I was active in the community as well.

From coaching baseball, basketball, and hockey and serving on Port Alice Minor Hockey Association councils as Head Referee including recruiting and mentoring for around 12 years. I was a referee for this association for over 25 years and advanced to refereeing and lining Rep games which included travel between the Tri-Port area. From 2002 – 04, I was the Rep Ice Coordinator for the NI Eagles. I didn’t think that was enough so I branched into soccer refereeing, along with keeping up with my job at the mill as a steam engineer. I loved Oscar Hickes tournaments as it seemed the whole town was coming together either to enjoy it or leave for the weekend. I played in these tourneys lots and even tried refereeing and playing one year. Even did some cooking for Dry Grad for a couple years. Head Ref for the Hickes was a job I relished. I did that for close to 8 years. Had to recruit and plan as it would usually go round the clock on the Friday night. I also have helped with Cops for Cancer breakfasts and Ladies Dessert Nights.

My job as a steam engineer took a turn in 06 as the mill was restarting and we had new people everywhere and I had to plan and train and mentor lots of people, including my supervisors. This was over and above what I was supposed to do but I saw it as the only way to not have an accident and to make us stronger. Safety is very important to me because if someone is hurt or worse, there is a ripple effect thru that person’s life and it touches all people in his or her circle. I am proud of my time and work in this town and my 3 sons who have grown up to be fine young men as a result of having a great start here.