Hank Bood photo

Hank Bood photo

Port Hardy mayoral election: Hank Bood

Bood talks on his past four years as mayor working on various projects.

Hank Bood’s mayoral candidate profile

Hank first entered politics in 1999 being elected one of six rookie councillors. His business background proved a valuable asset with Hank leading the effort to trim the town’s budget given that Port Hardy had just lost it’s major employer and tax base. Hank was appointed to act as a director on both the regional district and hospital boards where he learned the ins and outs of regional government.

In 2008 Hank declared his intention to run for Mayor of Port Hardy and was elected in November of that year. Two highlights for him that term were being a founding partner in the north islands community forest which has contributed millions of non-tax dollars to Port Hardy’s budget recently, and completing the Keltic seine float project which solidified Port Hardy’s position as a strategic Port of call for the Marine sector.

These last four years as Mayor have been particularly satisfying for Hank as Port Hardy’s fortunes have experienced a significant upturn. Highlights include a major 5.3 million dollar water upgrade, on time and on budget, and lastly the project that has consumed so much of the districts time and effort, our multiplex, which is going out for tender this November.

Hanks commitment to the community has been unwaivering. As a long-term Port Hardy resident with years of council experience, Hank recognizes the importance of community sustainability. He is devoted to the well being and prosperity of Port Hardy and is thrilled to serve as your Mayor.