Shirley Ackland photo

Shirley Ackland photo

Port McNeill mayoral election: Shirley Ackland

Incumbent Ackland wants to complete council’s priorities started in the last four years.

Shirley Ackland’s mayoral candidate profile

I’m Shirley Ackland and it has been my privilege to serve as your mayor for the last four years. Following nearly 40 years of Gerry Furney’s leadership as mayor, his were big shoes to fill.

Over the past four years, council and I have worked hard to continue moving Port McNeill forward, improving our infrastructure and taking advantage of opportunities that arise for our residents and our community. I am seeking another term, in part to finish some of our council’s priorities, and also to provide much-needed continuity at the town office to ensure we create a strong foundation for the next council.

We’ve completed the last stage of new water pipes – a $1.7 million improvement that will last for the next 50+ years. $1 million has been added to our Community Forest reserve for future projects. We partnered to Create a Forest Academy of Excellence and hosted the first class in Woss that had 12 students graduate into jobs. With the local doctors, we received $500 000 to start an Adult Day program for seniors in Port McNeill and Port Hardy – it is thriving and growing! The new fix to the T intersection at Campbell Way and Hwy 19 is a direct result of our successful lobby of the Ministry of Transportation to improve the safety of that intersection.

Grow and expand the Community Forest as a sustainable entity for our region. Complete the work to the Beach Drive hillside to improve its stability. Build a seniors’ centre that includes more residences, an accessible bathing facility and respite options (currently, waiting to hear on a grant proposal). Continue negotiating with Island Timberlands to secure waterfront property to build a community gathering space and house our logging artefacts. Consider a new recreational facility to access the new grant funding identified by the Minister of Community.

Leadership is about building relationships and communicating regularly with business, industry, health, education, and other forms of government to help find solutions that fit our community. I hope to build on those relationships to finish the work that we committed to and leave our community a better place for the next generation.