Ann-Marie Baron photo

Ann-Marie Baron photo

Port McNeill municipal election candidate Ann-Marie Baron’s profile

Baron wants to “respect the local businesses, encourage growth, maintain what we own” as councillor.

Ann-Marie Baron’s councillor candidate biography

Hi, for those of you that don’t know me – my name is Ann-Marie Baron. I moved to Port McNeill from Woss half way through grade 5, in 1985. I attended Sunset School, graduated from NISS, left for college and returned 2 years later as a newlywed.

I have spent the last 12.5 years working at Lemare Lake Logging and prior to that 10.5 years in various schools working for School District 85 as a special education worker. I have two children and two bonus children – 3 are living and working on the north island and 1 is away at school.

Our council needs to determine how to support its residents of all ages and stages and its volunteers. Listen to the needs. Respect the local businesses, encourage growth, maintain what we own. I hope to be part of a team of diverse backgrounds looking for common ground and solutions.