Offer fee refunds to thin swollen ranks of Conservative leadership race: Trost

Refund offer might cull Tory herd: Trost

OTTAWA — Conservative party leadership candidate Brad Trost wants his party to offer partial refunds to his rivals to encourage some of them to drop out of the race.

Trost says the field of 14 contenders would benefit from some paring down, but concedes that won’t likely happen without some sort of an incentive.

He says offering a partial refund would be an inducement for some of them to leave, though he says he personally intends to stay in the race until ballots are cast May 27.

Once candidates hit the Mar. 28 deadline for signing up new members, Trost notes, many will take stock of their chances and may decide at that point they want to drop out.

Candidates currently pay a non-refundable fee of $50,000 to enter and another $50,000 as a deposit they can get back in full at the end if they break no rules.

Trost says the field is too crowded and too confusing for party members and everyone would benefit from fewer candidates on the ballot.

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