Ski jumper Eddie the Eagle returns to jump at Calgary’s Olympic Park

Eddie the Eagle returns to Olympic Park

CALGARY — Michael (Eddie the Eagle) Edwards, the British ski jumper who won over hearts at the Calgary Olympic Games in 1988, returned to the Canadian city on Sunday to jump at the site of his last-place finishes nearly three decades earlier.

Wearing blue and white jumping attire from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the now 53-year-old Edwards landed six jumps at Winsport’s Canada Olympic Park, including two from the 70-metre ramp. He also landed two off the smaller 18-metre ramp and two from the 38 metres.

His longest jump, off the 70-metre tower, measured 24 metres.

The promotional event drew roughly 1,000 spectators, who chanted “Eddie, Eddie” as he made his jumps.

Afterwards, Edwards posed for selfies and shook hands with a number of fans and said he felt just like he was jumping in Calgary 29 years ago.

Edwards finished last in both the 70-metre and 90-metre jumps at the 1988 Olympics, but the bespectacled athlete had earned the adoration of the Calgary crowd for his exuberant, against-all-odds spirit.



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