Vancouver Park Board asks for options before deciding on cetacean plebiscite

Vancouver Park Board delays whale decision

VANCOUVER — The Vancouver Park Board has delayed a decision about a possible plebiscite regarding whale and dolphin captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Commissioners have referred the issue to staff, asking for further options.

Those could range from seeking the plebiscite on Vancouver’s civic ballot in 2018 to proposals that some commissioners believe could provide quicker results than a vote that is almost two years away.   

A staff report on the matter is expected to be presented to the board next month.

Commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung put forward the original motion requesting a referendum on cetacean captivity and also asking the aquarium to voluntarily consider halting the introduction of any more whales or dolphins until after the 2018 vote.

She began work on the motion late last year, after the unexplained deaths in November of the last two beluga whales at the aquarium. (CKNW)

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