The Gate House Theatre is hosting Port McNeill’s All Candidates Meeting this year. (Tyson Whitney - North Island Gazette)

The Gate House Theatre is hosting Port McNeill’s All Candidates Meeting this year. (Tyson Whitney - North Island Gazette)

All Candidates Meeting set for Town of Port McNeill’s municipal election

The Port McNeill & District Chamber of Commerce is once again hosting the town’s All Candidates Meeting, this year it’s being held on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at the Gate House Theatre.

The doors to the Gate House will open at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting will have a 7:00 p.m. official start time.

Tables for candidate material will be provided at the venue. There will be a 30-minute public mingling/engagement opportunity from 6:30 – 6:55 p.m.

After the meeting, we will have doors open until 9:15 p.m. to allow exit and cleanup.


1. Welcome, Introductions, and Acknowledgements 7:00

2. Rules of Order 7:08

3. Candidate Opening Statements – 3 Minutes Each 7:10

4. Question Period – Pre-submitted to or 7:45

5. Candidate-to-Candidate Questions, each candidate allocated 1 question 8:10

6. Questions From the Floor & Follow-Up Questions from Audience 8:30

7. 1 Minute Closing from Candidates 8:45

8. Meeting Adjourned 9:00


There will be a timekeeper present, seated in front of the stage who will keep time on questions and indicate with a flag whether a candidate is in the green (good) yellow (10 second warning) or red (time up) zone.

o If a candidate does not honour the red “time up” card and 5 second grace period, their microphone will be muted – apologies in advance, but in all fairness there is a lot of material to cover and every candidate is allocated the same amount of time.


Opening statements are going to be three minutes each.

The timekeeper is non-partisan and will be cutting the microphone off after a warning.

Questions that are pre-submitted to the Chamber will be edited for clarity and concision and provided to candidates Tuesday for your preparation.

All pre-submitted questions may not be asked of the candidates due to time constraints.

There will be 1 opportunity for a candidate-to-candidate question, in lieu of any debate opportunities.

Please keep the question short with limited or no preamble, and your replies under 1 minute in length.

Follow-up questions and questions from the floor will fill the time from the end of the candidate-to-candidate question period until 8:45pm, when we start the closing comments.

Closing comments are one minute per candidate.

The moderator will tolerate no abusive language, yelling, discussion of personal issues, or attacks towards any candidate.


The meeting will be recorded and/or broadcast live to accommodate those constituents who are not able to attend. We are currently working with the Gatehouse Theatre on IT requirements.


Questions may be submitted to the chamber email,, through Facebook Messenger or our website form,


Email with any questions pertaining to all candidates and one of our volunteer team will get back to you ASAP!

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