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‘No one goes hungry in our town;’ B.C. pizza place promises food for evacuees escaping wildfires

Frankie’s Pizza, based in Sorrento, made a Facebook post on August 18 offering pizza to those in need
Frankie’s Pizza offers a range of fresh high quality pizzas in a cone (Frankie’s Pizza).

With wildfires terrorizing communities and forcing people to leave their homes in search of safe shelter, Sorrento-based Frankie’s Pizza provided a message of hope.

In a Facebook post made on Friday, Aug. 18, the pizza bar welcomed anyone in need to come to Frankie’s Pizza.

”If the fires displaced you, your family, or anyone (you) know, and you need food we will feed you,” the post read.

“Or (if you) just need a place to sit outta the smoke. We got you.”

The post was met with grateful comments.

“We aren’t evacuated yet in Lee Creek but even thinking about cooking is a struggle in the stress,” read one comment from Joanie Marie.

“Thank you for being amazing.”

Marie’s comment was only one of several thanking Frankie’s for its hospitality and kindness.

Frankie’s Pizza has been serving its community since 1995. It’s mandate is to bring fun, happiness, and convenience to its customers. There are more than 1,000 positive reviews on TripAdvsior; it’s safe to say that the pizza bar is completing its mandate.

Frankie’s Pizza is located at 1209 Trans-Canada Highway in Sorrento, across from the Sorrento Village Grocer, and is open every day except Monday.

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