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PODCAST: Laurent Brossoit is a Stanley Cup Champion goaltender

PQBEAT: Port Alberni products signs with the Winnipeg Jets during off season

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Host Peter McCully welcomes Laurent Brossoit to the podcast.

Brossoit was a member of the NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights who won the Stanley Cup this past NHL season.

The netminder says that he returns to Port Alberni each summer.

‘There’s actually a hockey school called Prep Camp, I would go and help out with the camp and then see family. And in longer summers I’d go there for a couple weeks. In the shorter ones, like this summer, I’ll probably just have time for a week. I still have lots of friends and family there and so it’s still feels like home.’

In the offseason Brossoit a one-time Jet, signed with Winnipeg as an unrestricted free agent.

‘There’s only one organization that I’ve only been in for three years and that was the one. To be honest, everyone gives it a bad rep, but we had a lot of good years in Winnipeg and resurrected my career and I feel appreciated there. And I’ve played some good hockey there and so I’m very excited to get back.’

Brossoit talks about his early career, as well as his goalie “DNA”.

‘My grandpa was a goalie. My three uncles were all goalies and my dad as well. It’s safe to say it was bred into me. It’s in my blood. And it wasn’t forced on me or anything like that. I think their passion for it leaked into me. And then whenever I watched hockey, I always paid attention to the goalie. So, I always knew I was going to eventually be a goalie when I started playing.’

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