Port Alice staff going back to school

Port Alice Council voted to send one of their village staff back to school, and will cover the costs involved.

Port Alice Council will be sending one of their Village staff back to school, and covering all the costs involved.

A request was submitted to Port Alice council by Tanya Spafford, Administrative Assistant for the Village, regarding the consideration of funding to help attend the PADM 202 – Local Government Finances in BC course in Cowichan Bay.

“I have successfully completed three of the four core courses in the Public Administration program,” wrote Spafford. “My initial goal is to complete the Local Government Administation Certificate Program which will be completed with this last PADM Course 202 – Local Government Finance in BC. When this certificate is completed I plan to continue on and obtain my diploma in Local Government Administration.”

Local Government Finance in BC (PADM 202) is a course that deals with financial practices and issues and challenges for local governments at both a macro and micro level. Topics include annual budget cycle, asset management, expenditure levels and sources of revenues. The total cost for the entire course and travel is $2993.34.

“I think there’s $3000 in the budget, and I think it’s money well spent. She’s a benefit to the community, a benefit to the village office. I support it,” said Councillor Dave Stewart.

“I agree with your words,” added Councillor Marnie Chase.

The request for funds to cover the cost of Spafford’s PADM 202 – Local Government Finances in BC course was approved unanimously.