Video screenshot of Dr. Prean Armogam speaking about Island Health’s new clinic in Port McNeill.

Video screenshot of Dr. Prean Armogam speaking about Island Health’s new clinic in Port McNeill.

VIDEO: Dr. Armogam speaks out on new Port McNeill clinic run by Island Health

Dr. Armogam tells all in 14 minute video interview with Bill McQuarrie

In his own words, Dr. Prean Armogam sits down for a video interview with Bill McQuarrie and gives his perspective on the events leading up to Island Health’s concept of a Health Authority owned and operated Port McNeill doctor’s clinic.

Highlights from the video

00:45 – The retirement rumour, is it true or false?

01:35 – What role does Island Health play in the delivery of good healthcare to the North Island?

02:21 – How does or should working with Island Health happen?

03:38 – Is there a working and successful model that Island Health could follow for establishing this new Health Authority owned clinic?

05:17 – Why hasn’t Island Health asked you to become a permanent, fulltime staff doctor in this new clinic?

07:17 – Has Island Health hired any permanent doctors to replace you?

07:59 – Can a current patient of yours stay with you instead of transferring to the new clinic?

08:47 – Would your privileges at the hospital remain in place?

09:22 – How will the emergency department and hospital function during this transition period?

10:18 – Are you aware of any Island Health communications plan to address resident’s concerns and answer questions?

10:50 – We use the word ‘Locum’ when referring to replacement doctors and can you explain what a Locum actually is or does? And how will Island Health’s plan for using locums and interim doctors work?

12:33 – What is continuity of care?

12:51 – What is the role, if any, of the mayor and council and the business community? How do they affect change?

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