Fuel fee ire

Unhappy with the discrepancy between fuel prices locally and elsewhere on Vancouver Island.

Dear editor,

We just returned from Campbell River and fueled up for $1.21 / litre. They have dropped their prices along with the rest of Canada and B.C. while our merchants cut the prices to $1.36. That amounts to a $.15 /l difference.

The service station in Campbell River sells 7,000 l. every day in the winter on the average and 1,200 l. in the summer. The obvious difference is $1050 every day on the average. Assuming there is a small fee for local delivery and assuming our local merchants do not sell quite as much fuel, the big profit difference is obvious.

We fuel up here only when absolutely necessary when we have to go down-Island. This is my second letter about fuel prices and it seems I am the only one not happy to pay the highest price in Western Canada other than some far outpost in the north or on some other hard-to-reach place.

Ross Stone

Port Hardy