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Re: Some things are just ridiculous, a Gazette editorial by John Harding (

Amber Kennedy: This was such a good read, really enjoying the last few issues of The Gazette. Definitely representing the issues of the North Island. I can’t believe how hard it is to purchase local seafood! Barely anything in the local grocery stores and no where else to purchase locally?

Re: Port McNeill Harbour rates causing animosity (

Drew Frank: Port Alice has kids in the school too! So include us too!

Lynn Iskra: I live in Hyde Creek but pay property taxes on rental units! 33 of them to be exact. That’s a lot of tax! We are starting a tourism business that will bring a lot of people to spend money in Port McNeill, not Hyde Creek. Residents should be encouraged to get this town going, not penalized!

Sherri Larry Bartlett: Such an unfortunate and short sighted decision by the Town Council in their attempt to control the parking situation. They’ve shut out residents who spend countless hours volunteering to make “The Town of Port McNeill” a fantastic place to work, play and raise everyone’s children. They’ve told us that we don’t matter… We DO matter and we contribute to the success of the Town. The bylaw needs to be revisited and revised long before next year. What does it take to make them realize their mistake?

Devrianne Snowdon: I’ve never thought of us all being divided. I realize we all have different community names (Port McNeill, Hyde Creek, Nimpkish Heights, Twin Peaks, Beaver Cove/Telegraph Cove) however we all shop in the same community, pay our bills in the same community, keep our business’ thriving in the same community. Hope this is changed for the better, this doesn’t look good at all.

Re: This PM is getting free passes, a Gazette editorial by John Harding (

David Mitchell: while I don’t disagree that this Prime Minister has made some basic mistakes, one only has to look at the alternatives to realize we are still going to be a better country under his leadership than say: Kevin “I am not Donald Trump” O’Leary, or Kellie “I am not a racist” Leitch.

David Hedrick: Bringing up this elbowing nonsense sounds a lot like the pizzagate conspiracy from the U.S. If that’s all you got I think he’s doing a pretty good job.

Drew Frank: Wish we still had Harper at least we knew his direction, controlled spending, other world leaders took him seriously and didn’t buy his support or power.