Rocks make for rough ride

Tami Kernachan points out the road conditions north of Sayward as less than ideal.

Dear editor,

I am writing to you about Highway 19, from outside Port Hardy to the Sayward junction gas station.

After traveling down-Island late in February, I found the rock that gets dumped on the road — instead of salt and sand — and continues to build up, is again destroying our (vehicle) paint, windshields, canopies, etc.

I happened to notice that beyond Sayward junction to Victoria, the rock dumped on this end of the Island is not used on roads in their areas. Is this why we pay higher insurance for our vehicles than Campbell River?

Also, the holes and cracks in the road continue to expand. Maybe we should start using this excess rock for filling in the holes in the road.

Tami Kernachan

Port Hardy