Unions are hurting teachers

Teachers risk getting expelled from the union for their volunteer work

I have been a union member in the construction industry for 57 years; 40 working, 17 retired. I was the president of my local union (wood, wire and metal lathers), later to become part of the carpenters union. I negotiated contracts with employers, was a member of the Provincial Council of Ontario and was a delegate to an international convention in New York City, so I know a little bit about unions.

I just cannot understand why the unions go out of their way to make people hate them.

Take the transportation unions for example: they always manage to have their walkouts and strikes when it hurts the traveling public the most. In my opinion this is not the thing to do. We want the people on our side, not hating us. Besides, it never seems to work. What I’m saying is, that you put people who are too militant in charge and this is what happens.

Now, take the teachers. Do they risk getting fined or expelled from the union for volunteering to help the students on their own time?

There are a lot of teachers that want to help the students, and some do. This causes dissension among the members, and that sure does not help the union’s position.

Losing your job for helping students on your own time, how stupid can you get? These kids are the future of our nation and you want to deprive them of a chance to get into programs that teach many life lessons? It does not make sense to me; I thought this was a free country, but I guess not. No wonder people hate unions. I have great respect for all teachers — my son is one of them — and that is the way I see it.

D.W. Fraser

Port Hardy