Xmas tree still a thorny issue

Ruby House argues that Port McNeill can do better with next year's Christmas tree.

Dear editor,

I wish to congratulate Joni Blanchard for having the conviction and courage to speak up about the so-called Christmas tree of Port McNeill (“You call that a Christmas tree, Port McNeill?” Letters — Jan. 3, 2013).

I was saddened, however, by the responses that she received–the blarney that I felt was patronizing, as well as the insulting attitude of the other letter. Joni was not putting down the town or any volunteers, she just stated what most people in town were feeling including myself.

While I agree that the tree is mainly for the children, it was still an eyesore.  I also agree that we do not need a $10,000 tree; however, Port Hardy did not have a $10,000 dollar tree, but it looked like a million dollar tree next to ours.

Maybe a suggestion of a smaller, fuller  tree for next year, or better yet, decorate the living trees that line the sidewalk in front of the Pioneer Mall and support the spirit of sustainable forestry.

Ruby House

Port McNeill