Linda Passmore photo The Vancouver Island Paddle Sisters, comprised of paddlers from Port Alberni, Port Hardy and Port McNeill, won gold in the women’s division at the 15th annual Victor Simonson Dragon Boat Races, Sunday during Nautical Days in Comox.

Dragonboat society requests new location for 80 square foot storage shed in McNeill

“Part of my concern for using lot B is that it could become a parking lot for them…”

The Tri Port Dragon Boat Society is on the hunt for a new location for its 80 square foot storage shed at the Port McNeill harbour.

“The Tri Port Dragon Boat Society owns an 80 square foot storage shed which is kept under agreement at 1547 Beach Drive,” wrote Pat Bremner, Equipment Manager and Dragon Boat Coach for the society. “Unfortunately, our time on this property will expire at the end of August and we are looking for another location where we can store this shed that is financially viable to this non-profit society.”

Bremner continued, noting the society is “very thankful to the Town of Port McNeill for waiving moorage fees and providing us with a safe storage place during the season on the docks … We have a very active society and have maintained our building in good repair, ensuring it is pressure washed annually, keeping the area around the shed clean and free of debris.”

Bremner concluded with a request to mayor and council “to consider proving a space near the harbour to relocate the storage shed under agreement with the Tri Port Dragon Boat Society.”

The society also noted it has a “Plan B” for another spot, just in case it’s needed.

“So my understanding is that the place they have now, they’ve been asked to move the building, and they’re looking for spots,” said Mayor Shirley Ackland at the town’s last council meeting on July 17, who then asked the town’s harbour manager, Emma Bates, for her input.

“We’ve looked at a couple different spots,” replied Bates. “The first spot we had looked at was right in parking lot B, which is on top of the municipal approach there, right next to the waste oil head.”

Bates added that unfortunately it could be a liability concern there, mainly due to the way the garden bedding branches up to the roof. She pointed out the other location they have considered is “right on top of where the boat launch access is on the righthand side in-between the drive-on ramp and the concrete float. There’s probably enough space to tuck it in there, but it’s a bit of a eyesore.”

“It’s not really tucked away there,” cautioned Ackland.

Bates agreed, stating, “It’s easy for them access wise, and there’d still be enough manoeuvrability for folks to move around out there, but it’s not a place of preference.”

Coun. Aaron Frost asked about a space between the boat ramp and two parking spots. “Is that a large enough space? It wouldn’t be tucked away there either, but it is town property.”

“I like that suggestion,” said Ackland, noting it’s behind the hedge of the town clock, is accessible, and it’s paved with concrete.

“I think we should do something for them but make sure it’s temporary,” noted Coun. Graham MacDonald.

“Give them something on a year to year consideration?” asked Ackland.

“… If we get complaints about it then get it the hell out of there,” laughed MacDonald.

“Could we maybe stick it in the back of lot C there?” asked Bates. “I’m just wondering if there is somewhere in behind lot C we can tuck it in behind, that way it’s back against those buildings and it’s not out along the waterfront.”

According to Bates, lot C is where the boat launch truck and trailer spot is.

“There’s actually a telephone pole there that is in the way of everything, so it might work,” answered Frost.

“Part of my concern for using lot B is that it could become a parking lot for them, which then eliminates parking for the municipal users down there,” replied Bates.

Ackland said she would like Bates to do some more research regarding the spots and that she likes MacDonald’s idea of it being a temporary deal.

Ackland also directed staff to contact Bremner regarding what the society’s “Plan B” is so they can have more information.

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