McNeill pool seeks lifeguards

PORT McNEILL - A shortage of certified staff will impact schedule at community swimming pool, which is scheduled to open May 24

A shortage of qualified student applicants is forcing the Port McNeill swimming pool to alter its early season schedule, and the deadline for applicants has been extended to May 13.

The pool is scheduled to open May 24, but the schedule will be restricted to accommodate the certified staff currently available, pool supervisor Maggie Cessford said.

Any certified lifeguards or Red Cross instructors interested in working at the pool this summer are invited to apply through May 13 at 3:30 p.m. Resumés may be faxed, dropped off or mailed to the Port McNeill Town Office, or emailed to

The pool will offer the NLS program in May. The full May schedule has not yet been published, but will be posted at the pool and other locations in town when completed.

For info, call 250-956-3111 or email