TYSON WHITNEY PHOTOS North Island Lanes in Port Hardy hosted the 32nd annual Vancouver Island 5 Pin Championships.

North Island Lanes hosts 32nd annual Vancouver Island 5 Pin Championships

North Island Lanes hosted the 32 annual Vancouver Island 5 Pin Championships in Port Hardy on the weekend, with six teams competing against each other in five divisions to see who would win overall.

The opening ceremony was held on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. and Port Hardy Mayor Hank Bood and 1240 Coast AM’s Sandra Boyd were both invited to roll a ceremonial ball.

Bood took the mic from North Island Lanes coach Carla Reusch and welcomed the bowlers, saying he hopes they enjoy their stay while they are in town.

In an interview after the ceremony, Bood said when he first moved to Port Hardy back in 1971 he remembers bowling a few frames, adding that it’s important for a community “to have a certain spirit and lifestyle so more people will get out and do recreational things, especially during the bad weather times, and I think that’s where we’re heading — we’re becoming not only a place for Port Hardyians and North Islanders, but people from all over BC are coming out to enjoy our recreational activities, so it’s a good place to be at the moment.”

With North Island Lanes being the only bowling alley on the North Island, Bood added he and his staff are proud to provide recreation for the whole regional district — “we are very pleased about that.”

North Island Lanes Manager Sonya Gullacher said she was excited to see all the people who came out to support the bowling alley during the tournament.

Full results from the 32 annual Vancouver Island 5 Pin Championships:

Ladies Singles (four games)

1. Morgan Theedom, 909 total;

2. Allison Cummings, 896 total;

3. Robyn Innes, 867 total;

4. Lauren Provencal, 801 total;

5. Melissa Macrae, 775 total.

Men’s Singles (four games)

1. Don Campbell, 982 total;

2. Chris Roberge, 878 total;

3. Steve Cummings, 858 total;

4. Dan Scherr, 830 total;

5. John Drnasin, 817 total;

Ladies Team (six games)

1. Brechin Lanes, 4551 total;

2. Impact Lanes, 4263 total;

3. Duncan Lanes, 4207 total;

4. Sunset Lanes, 4068 total;

5. Codes Country Lanes, 3825 total;

6. North Island Lanes, 3770 total.

Men’s Team (six games)

1. Duncan Lanes, 5289 total;

2. Country Codes Lanes, 4703;

3. Brechin Lanes, 4642 total;

4. Impact Lanes, 4506 total;

5. Sunset Lanes, 4414 total;

6. North Island Lanes, 4074 total.

Mixed Teams (six games)

1. Sunset Lanes, 4996 total;

2. Country Codes Lanes, 4805 total;

3. Brechin Lanes, 4712 total;

4. Duncan Lanes, 4710 total;

5. Impact Lanes, 4327;

6. North Island Lanes, 4119 total.

Aggregate (most points overall)

1. Brechin Lanes, 23 points;

2. Duncan Lanes, 21 points;

3. Sunset Lanes, 20 points;

4. Country Codes Lanes, 16 points;

5. Impact Lanes, 13 points;

6. North Island Lanes, 3 points.


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