Georgia Walkus of Eagle View Elementary runs through the turn in the peewee girls 200-metre dash during last week's Districtwide track and field meet at PHSS.

Georgia Walkus of Eagle View Elementary runs through the turn in the peewee girls 200-metre dash during last week's Districtwide track and field meet at PHSS.

Tykes tear up track in annual district meet

Junior athletes show their prowess at district-wide event.

PORT HARDY—It was a high-energy day as more than a hundred North Island elementary school students — including a squad from Gold River — descended on Port Hardy for the annual Districtwide track and field meet.

In a full day of running, jumping and throwing, students from grades 2 through 7 tested themselves against the clock, the tape and each other.

Awards were handed out to the top six finishers in each event and aggregate point-winners earned trophies.




2013 Districtwide Meet

At Port Hardy Secondary School

Tyke Girls

Aggregate points: 1. Mallory Martineau, Eagle View, 20; 2. Aisha Gilbert, Gold River; 3 (tie). Faith Gage, Avalon, and Kodi Hutchinson, Gold River, 13.

High jump—1. Brooke Neely, Sea View, 95 cm; 2. Sharon Prevost, A.J. Elliott, 90; 3. Larissa McGillawee, Fort Rupert, 90. Long jump—1. Alisha Gilbert, GR, 2.8m; 2. Mallory Martineau, EVES, 2.76; 3. Sarah Carey, Alert Bay, 2.65. Triple jump—1. Mallory Martineau, EVES, 6.44; 2. Sarah Yun, GR, 6.12; 3. Emily Walker, EVES, 6.09. Shot put—1. Kodi Hutchinson, GR, 13 feet, 8 inches; 2. Zoe Ey, GR, 13.7; 3. Kezra Nelson, AJE, 12.2. Ball throw—1. Kodi Hutchinson, GR, 19.23; 2. Julie Fraser, SS, 16.57; 3. Sophie Tynjala, AJE, 15.3. 400 metres—1. Faith Gage, Avalon, 1:23; 2. Alisha Gilbert, GR, 1:25; 3. Mallory Martineau, EVES, 1:26. 100 metres—1. Faith Gage, Avalon, 16.58; 2. Mallory Martineau, EVES, 16.81; 3. Karin Clausen, AJE, 17.16. 800 metres—1. Jasmine Dayley, EVES, 3:39; 2. Kezra Nelson, AJE, 3:43.41; 3. Kirsten Strussi, EVES, 3:43.55. 200 metres—1. Kayley Clair, EVES, 34.5; 2. Sarah Carey, AB, 36.5; 3. Emily Walker, EVES, 39.44. 4×100 relay—1. Eagle View, 1:15.9; 2. Gold River, 1:19.34; 3. A.J. Elliott, 1:21.




Tyke Boys

Aggregate points: 1. Ethan Bono, SS, 24; 2. Joey Grant, SS, 22; 3. Matthew Ney, GR, 16.

High jump—1. Dawson Hudock, SV, 105 cm; 2. Joey Grant, SS, 100; 3. Aiden Watson, SV, 95. Long jump—1. Ethan Bono, SS, 2.56m; 2. Matthew Ney, GR, 2.51; 3. Manny Browne, SS, 2.44. Triple jump—1. Joey Grant, SS, 6.4m; 2. Koen Harwood, EVES, 5.51; 3. William Grant, SS, 5.16. Shot put—1. Tynan Klein-Beekman, SV, 17 feet; 2. Soloman Melan, AJE, 15-3; 3. Quang Lam, AJE, 15-0. Ball throw—1. Ethan Bono, SS, 28.67; 2. Kayden Jones, SS, 28.12; 3. Kohner Walkus, Avalon, 26.86. 400 metres—1. Matthew Ney, GR, 1:21; 2. Joey Grant, SS, 1:23; 3. Alex Nelson-Smith, AB, 1:24. 100 metres—1. Ethan Bono, SS, 15.02; 2. Kohner Walkus, Avalon, 17.15; 3. Dawson Twamley, SV, 17.76. 800 metres—1. Joey Grant, SS, 3:01; 2. Matthew Ney, GR, 3:02; 3. Cole Klughart, SS, 3:15. 200 metres—1. Ethan Bono, SS, 34.03; 2. Alex Nelson-Smith, AB, 35.7; 3. Manny Browne, SS, 35.72. 4×100 relay—1. Sunset A, 1:17.85; 2. Sunset B, 1:23; 3. Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw, 1:24.




Peewee Girls

Aggregate points—1. Faith Castillo, EVES, 21; 2. Mandy Foldy, SS, 19; 3. Kristen Clair, EVES, 18.

High jump—1. Tianna Walkus, Avalon, 115cm; 2. Hailey Tiberghien, SV, 111; Georgia Walkus, EVES, 110. Long jump—1. Mandy Foldy, SS, 3.33m; 2. Faith Castillo, EVES, 3.30; 3. Hailey Tiberghien, SV, 3.20. Triple jump—1. Kristen Clair, EVES, 7.0m; tie, Freddie Williamson, EVES, 7.0; 3. Faith Castillo, EVES, 6.63. Shot put—1. Tianna Walkus, Avalon, 25 feet, 10 inches; 2. Mandy Foldy, SS, 23-10; 3. Jordan Laughlin, AJE, 23-5. Discus—1. Madison Van Will, SS, 14m; 2. Jordan Laughlin, AJE, 13; 3. Ashlee Heasman, EVES, 11. 400 metres—1. Faith Castillo, EVES, 1:09 (meet record; old record 1:10.44 by Rachel Clare, Robert Scott, 2006); 2. Mandy Foldy, SS, 1:15; 3. Georgia Walkus, EVES, 1:21. 100 metres—1. Faith Castillo, EVES, 14.3; 2. Jordan Jolliffe, AB, 15.18; 3. Jaylen Ager, SV, 15.44. 800 metres—1. Kristen Clair, EVES, 3:01; 2. Eileah Cotter, EVES, 3:06; 3. Kaitlyn Wilson, SS, 3:07. 200 metres—1. Kristen Clair, EVES, 31.30; 2. Georgia Walkus, EVES, 31.80; 3. Jordan Jolliffe, AB, 31.95. 4×100 relay—1. Eagle View A, 1:04.88; 2. Mandy Foldy, Sunset, 1:09.32; 3. Eagle View, 1:13.07.



Peewee Boys

Aggregate points—1. Ryan Patterson, EVES, 19; 2. (tie) Adrian Gordon-Valan, AB, and Clayton Bono, 17.

High jump—1. Cullen May, SS, 110cm; 2. Clayton Bono, SS, 106; 3. Bradley Hosken, SS, 106. Long jump—1. Adrian Gordon-Valan, AB, 3.23m; 2. Ryan Patterson, EVES, 2.83; 3. Clayton Bono, SS, 2.80. Triple jump—1. Ryan Patterson, EVES, 6.85; 2. Noah Jensen, EVES, 5.99; 3. Caleb Ney, GR, 5.75. Shot put—1. Tristen White, Avalon, 32 feet, 6 inches; 2. Cody Walkus, 24-7; 3. Jesse Lloyd, 23-9. Discus—1. Daelin Fjeld, SS, 18m; 2. Jaiden Cuyler, EVES, 16; 3. Tre Olney, EVES, 15. 400 metres—1. Wade Evans, EVES, 1:16.2; 2. Benton Browne, SS, 1:18.3; 3. (tie) Ryan Patterson, EVES, and Carson Strang, SS, 1:25. 100 metres—1. Wade Evans, EVES, 14.79; 2. Adrian Gordon-Valan, AB, 14.97; 3. Benton Browne, SS, 15.28. 800 metres—1. Caleb Ney, GR, 2:53; 2. Rhys Dutcyvich, SS, 3:02; 3. Jairus Bell, GR, 3:15. 200 metres—1. Adrian Gordon-Valan, AB, 32.70; 2. Clayton Bono, SS, 33.14; 3. Ryan Patterson, EVES, 33.90. 1,500 metres—1. Caleb Ney, GR, 5:45; 2. Rhys Dutcyvich, SS, 5:52; 3. Cullen May, SS, 8:01. 4×100 relay—1. Sunset, 1:08.10; 2. Gold River, 1:12.44; 3. Eagle View, 1:14.




Bantam Girls

Aggregate points—1. Miranda Estlin, SS, 22; 2. Kaleigh Harris, FR, 20; 3. Emma Jensen, EVES, 19.

High jump (no heights listed)—1. Audrey Boy, GR; 2. Saiya Gachter, SS; 3. Catherine Symons, SS. Long jump—1. Miranda Estlin, SS, 3.64m; 2. Kaleigh Harris, FR, 3.41; 3. Hope McClendon, SS, 3.10. Triple jump—1. Emma Jensen, EVES, 7.36; 2. Miranda Estlin, SS, 7.28; 3. Hope McClendon, SS, 6.72. Shot put—1. Allison Briscoe, SS, 25 feet, 7 inches; 2. Molly Lash-Burrows, AJE, 25-4. Discus—1. Allison Briscoe, SS, 12m, 76cm; 2. Courtney John, GR, 10-15; 3. Tyanna Laming, SS, 8-47. 400 metres—1. Miranda Estlin, SS, 1:20; 2. Emma Jensen, EVES, 1:22; 3. Molly Lash-Burrows, AJE, 1:29. 100 metres—1. Kaleigh Harris, FR, 14.85; 2. Catherine Symons, SS, 15.75; 3. Lexie Murgatroyd, SS, 15.77. 800 metres—1. Audrey Boy, GR, 3:01; 2. Miranda Estlin, SS, 3:11; 3. Hope McClendon, SS, 3:14. 200 metres—1. Kaleigh Harris, FR, 32.0; 2. Emma Jensen, EVES, 32.8; 3. Molly Lash-Burrows, AJE, 35.92. 1,500 metres—1. Audrey Boy, GR, 5:57; 2. Hope McClendon, SS, 6:54; 3. Mackenzie Murgatroyd, SS, 6:55. 4×100 relay—1. Eagle View, 1:01; 2. Sunset, 1:02.38; 3. Gold River, 1:12.




Bantam Boys

Aggregate points—1. Braxton Flottvik, FR, 24; 2. Jaylon Grenier, EVES, 21; 3. Josiah Ney, GR, 20.


High jump (no height listed)—1. Nigel Walkus, GN; 2. John Dempsey, EVES; 3. Liam May, SS. Long jump—1. Braxton Flottvik, FR, 3.96; 2. Jaylon Grenier, EVES, 3.66; 3. Dexter Lash-Burrows, AJE, 3.54. Triple jump—1. Jaylon Grenier, EVES, 9.01; 2. Josiah Ney, GR, 8.57; 3. Jamie Flanagan, EVES, 8.16. Shot put—1. Ryley Anderson, FR, 34 feet, 10 inches; 2. Caleb Allen, SS, 33-7; 3. Mason Masales, EVES, 25-3. Discus—1. Braxton Flottvik, FR, 16m, 86cm; 2. Caleb Allen, SS, 16-43; 3. Billy Ford, AJE, 13-93. 400 metres—1. Aidan Carey, AB, 1:14.1; 2. Steven Williamson, EVES, 1:15.1; 3. Jamie Flanagan, EVES, 1:16.0. 100 metres—1. Braxton Flottvik, FR, 13.95; 2. Liam May, SS, 15.17; 3. Jamie Flanagan, EVES, 15.37. 800 metres—1. Josiah Ney, GR, 2:29 (meet record; old record 2:32 by Ryan Cooper, Sunset, 1979); 2. Jaylon Grenier, EVES, 2:40; 3. Dexter Lash-Burrows, AJE, 2:58. 200 metres—1. Braxton Flottvik, FR, 29.54; 2. Josh Borg, EVES, 32.48; 3. Trent Beek, SS, 32.66. 1,500 metres—1. Josiah Ney, GR, 5:01; 2. Jaylon Grenier, EVES, 5:19; 3. Dexter Lash-Burrows, AJE, 5:43. 4×100 relay—1. Eagle View A, 1:02.79; 2. Eagle View B, 1:06; 3. Sunset, 1:09.



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