City Council

Build a new pool or fix the old? Port Hardy mayor wades in

‘… whatever we do going forward we want the support of the community’


BYLAW: Port Hardy council is sick and tired of derelict apartment buildings

‘… even if it takes a bigger budget I think it’s something that we need to do’


Creekside Apartments gets utility charge relief from Port Hardy council

The apartment building is undergoing restoration from a fire that happened back in 2017.


Population increase means Port Hardy may have to start paying for its own police services

Places with population greater than 5,000 are responsible for funding their own police services.

Barring public from open council meetings exceeds authority: B.C. Ombudsperson

Orders affected the public attending council meetings

District of Port Hardy has no plans to move the KSM Skatepark

‘We are definitely happy we have it, and we want to keep it maintained to level it’s currently at’

Change in service: Port Hardy is switching from bi-weekly garbage pick up to weekly schedule

The cost for the weekly garbage pick up service is an additional $30.12 annually.

Port Hardy council amends financial plan, lowers tax rate

Council has approved reducing the taxation increase for 2020 from 4.2 per cent to 1.97.

Funding has been denied for Port Hardy’s much anticipated Multiplex Pool Project

‘reviewing alternatives and opportunities in the coming months to address the aging infrastructure’

Tri-Port municipal government closures

All local government offices publish their contact information on their websites.

  • Mar 20, 2020

Numerous complaints causes district to remove one pickleball court from Civic Centre

‘We’re beginning to feel like the Lions people hate us and we’re not sure why’

Council votes: Port Hardy firefighters will be getting a pay raise

Staff recommended for council to approve the fire department remuneration package.

Port McNeill council talks preliminary budget

Expenditure decisions are in the hands of town council.

  • Mar 6, 2020

Port Hardy could be getting a brand-new sidewalk connector to help improve access around town

The project must be included in the communities Transportation Network Plan.

Town of Port McNeill hires full time Chief Financial Officer

“This is the first time Port McNeill has had a full-time CFO who lives in the community”

  • Feb 6, 2020

Port McNeill council looks at funding opportunity for a community based transportation system

The goal is to encourage people to commute by foot, bike or other forms of active transportation.

  • Jan 31, 2020

Councillor in Revelstoke withdraws proposed 67% pay hike amid backlash

There was significant backlash to the proposed $25,000 and $70,000 wages

Councillor resigns in Revelstoke after colleagues approved 67% raise

Council approved a 134 per cent raise for the mayor of Revelstoke

Court claim accuses B.C. mayor and council of conflict of interest with developers

A group of voters claim conflict of interests should see them removed from office