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Local youth visited Port Hardy’s public works yard, gaining knowledge and experience

With over 100 students present at its peak, the open house proved to be a resounding success

In celebration of National Public Works Week, the District of Port Hardy recently hosted a remarkable open house event at the municipal yard, offering elementary school students from GNN, Fort Rupert, and Eagle View an exclusive opportunity to explore the diverse fleet of vehicles utilized by the Public Works department on a daily basis.

The event, attended by students from grades 3 to 6, aimed to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of public works and enhance their understanding of the essential role it plays in maintaining a well-functioning community. Typically, access to the municipal yard is restricted due to the presence of heavy machinery, making this open house an extraordinary and educational experience for the young participants.

Divided into groups, the students engaged in a lively scavenger hunt, enthusiastically identifying and examining the various vehicles and equipment within the yard. Guided by the Operations Crew, they had the opportunity to ask numerous questions, gaining valuable insights into the daily responsibilities of public works professionals.

With over 100 students present at its peak, the open house proved to be a resounding success. The beautiful weather contributed to the cheerful atmosphere as students soaked up knowledge and excitement amidst the bustling yard. The event also served as a testament to the exemplary behavior of the students and the exceptional organization of the teachers, both of which were integral to the event’s overall success. The District of Port Hardy is thrilled by the positive response to the open house and looks forward to expanding similar events to showcase other district assets in the future. By providing opportunities for students to engage directly with public works professionals and gain a deeper appreciation for their vital contributions, the district hopes to inspire future generations to pursue careers in this essential field.

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