RCMP Musical Ride coming this summer

World-famous Musical Ride to perform in Port Hardy this summer.

PORT HARDY—RCMP officer Sgt. Malcolm Eskelson came from Ottawa to Port Hardy last week to start the planning process for this summer’s arrival of the world-famous Musical Ride.

Eskelson met with members of the Port Hardy Rotary Club, which is hosting the event, to discuss the logistics of bringing the display team to the North Island.

The Musical Ride is a 125-year-old RCMP tradition, showcasing the equestrian skills of its members.

Positions on the display team are highly sought after among RCMP members, with 460 officers currently on the wait list for the 5-week course that serves as a prerequisite for riders. The course takes in 32 applicants each year, with 16 selected for a three-year term on the cavalry.

The 32-member team, along with support staff and 36 horses, will come to the North Island after performing a show in Parksville. The officers are scheduled to perform at Storey’s Beach on August 7, with additional details to be released closer to the event.