Dr. Prean Armogam. (Photo contributed)

Dr. Prean Armogam. (Photo contributed)

LETTER: Dr. Armogam announces he’s opening a new clinic in Port McNeill

‘I will continue working in Woss, Zeballos, Rivers Inlet and Sointula’

Dear patients in the community of Port McNeill and surrounding areas,

I hope that you had a break and got to spend time with your families this holiday. I am pleased to share with you that a decision has been made for me to remain as a private practice in Port McNeill. This means that the Port McNeill Medical Collaborative Clinic (PMMC), will continue operations beyond Dec. 31, 2021.

All appointments may be booked by calling an alternate number which will be provided to you ASAP. Please continue to access clinic and emergency care as you have until that time. This new private practice clinic will now be situated at 1584 Broughton Blvd, #3 in Port McNeill. You may recognize this place as the Harbourside Physiotherapy building.

I know that it has been confusing to have your medical records transferred as there has not been much explanation. We all generally have a right to attend which clinic we choose to and which doctor we’d like to assign as our family doctor.

It remains an honour for me to be of service to you, but if you wish to remain with the health authority clinic I will continue to transfer your record as requested. The cost of the record transfer for those of you who requested a transfer before Dec. 31, 2021 was subsidized by the health authority as part of transitional support. If you require your record transferred to the health authority or any clinic going forward, there is a nominal cost as there is no further support for this. If you requested a record transfer but wish to stay with PMMC, please let us know when you book your appointment.

I will continue working in Woss, Zeballos, Rivers Inlet and Sointula as I continue to recruit physicians to help me with your care. I will also continue to work at the Port McNeill hospital.

I am thankful for your patience and understanding over the last several months as we have taken steps to create a sustainable primary care service for you.

Best wishes for 2022!

Dr. Prean Armogam,

Port McNeill

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