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LETTER: Health care in the North Island matters

Dear Editor,
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Dear Editor,

I have been advocating for more government funding for family doctors for months, including zoom meetings with four Waddington Region Directors and Executive Director. Most residents who live on the north island and everywhere else in BC do not have a family physician.

Physicians who stand with “BC Health Care Matters” have stated publicly, that there are enough family doctors in BC. Sadly, clinics are closing because there is insufficient funding & support for them. We also have a shortage of nurses & paramedics.

With the high cost of living, they should also be paid more for their hard work and time. Segregating public and private family doctors is a problem. Time to call a family doctor a family doctor and have government funding for all of them. They all have the same training and they are all trained to be family doctors, not business people.

I don’t know if people here are aware or not, but most weekends, ambulances are only sent to one hospital because the other is closed due to nurse shortages?

If people want a family doctor, they need to speak up and fight to have one, they need to send e-mails to Adrian Dix, Island Health and John Horgan.

I will continue to advocate for all the people who have come to me with their personal stories about not having a family doctor and having negative experiences within the health care system. BC Health Care Matters is also fighting for the same and is a good site for people to join and/or get information.

Anita Harvie,

Port Hardy

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