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Letter to editor: No accountability

“Freedom from accountability” is not a standard for society.
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Dear editor,

The one place where both sides of any argument agree is the avoidance of accountability.

Any crime, any violence against others can be “explained” by saying either “they asked for it” or “I couldn’t help it because…” and while it may help the perpetrator carry on with life, it seems like a continuation of the same abuse to the victim. Every time the court system fails to hold felons accountable for their actions, a wave of public outrage wears away at the patience and tolerance of law abiding citizens and fuels distrust and anger towards public institutions and causes fearful groups of people to hate other fearful groups of people. What is the purpose of “freedom of information” or “freedom of speech” or “freedom of the press” if nobody is held accountable for their misdeeds?

The current news cycle demonstrates this madness perfectly. A young actor paid two men to stage his own “hate crime” and receives a few hours of community service. Perhaps he got a pass to heal the wounds left by the unprosecuted murder of another young man years ago (Trayvon), or maybe it was just influence from a political mega-sponsor. The much anticipated “presidential impeachment” has somehow turned into “complete exoneration” and no charges have been laid against either the accused or the accusers. Russia is being threatened because they are “propping up” a socialist dictator in the western hemisphere, while the States is sending weapons and soldiers to the Ukraine and declaring the expansion of Israel throughout Palestine, Jerusalem and the West Bank, as well as a corner of Syria known as the Golan Heights. The one common thread in all this “news” - No Accountability.

“Freedom from accountability” is not a standard for society. It is not the result of a lack of character in those who hold positions of authority and who set examples of self-restraint, self-control and self-discipline. Like parents. And teachers. And police officers. And spiritual teachers. And elected officials. And the Courts. Normal people expect to be held accountable, and accept it as part of becoming a mature human being. This craving to be “free” from the reach of any and all authority is the same craving for global fame, massive wealth and power and historical importance. In other words it is a human sickness, and should be quarantined to prevent contamination.

Blair Hamilton,

Port Hardy

Tyson Whitney

About the Author: Tyson Whitney

I have been working in the community newspaper business for nearly a decade, all of those years with Black Press Media.
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