Pat Corbett-Labatt photo

Pat Corbett-Labatt photo

Port Hardy municipal election candidate Pat Corbett-Labatt’s profile

“I’ve worked hard to advocate for every member of the community,” Corbett-Labatt said.

Pat Corbett-Labatt’s councillor candidate biography

I’m a 43-year dedicated to Port Hardy resident, retired professional, volunteer, wife and mother. In 2014, I was elected to the Port Hardy Town Council and I’ve worked hard to advocate for every member of the community. My love of Port Hardy and my educational experience enabled me to promote policy change to help benefit the committees I participated with.

In the 2014 election I said I wanted 1) Port Hardy’s town hall to be more transparent; (2) a variety of technological means be used to improve and increase communication (3) increased connections and consultation with people in all areas of our community and give everyone a voice; and (4) promote and support employment initiatives. I still believe in these statements and will work to these goals. If re-elected to Council, I will continue to help make Port Hardy a better place to live, work, and play.