Port McNeill municipal election candidate Shelley Downey’s profile

Port McNeill municipal election candidate Shelley Downey’s profile

Downey plans to update the zoning bylaw, community plan and economic development if elected.

Shelley Downey’s councillor candidate biography

Hi, I’m Shelley Downey. Over the last term, council has set in place contracts, policies and procedures that allow town operations to continue seamlessly as councils and staff change. We have also established reserves for Water, Sewer, and the Harbour.

My priorities for the next term are:

Recreation Facility

With the prospect of up to 100% funding, this should be achievable. The excuse that we can’t afford it is removed.

Updating the Zoning Bylaw

Updating the Official Community Plan

Update the Economic Development Plan and identify actionable items

These three are similar. Anyone reviewing these documents should have a sense of our town’s vision, values and plans for growth.

Friends visiting the north island for the first time were awed by our town and surroundings. Their comment was, Get Ready! You won’t be a secret much longer. So, with that thought and the fact that we have the systems and finances in place, it is time for action.

I would appreciate your vote on October 20th.