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Black bear cub rescued from tree in Port Alice, taken to wildlife centre

Goal is to release the animal safely back into the wild
A conservation officer rescues the black bear cub from a tree in Port Alice. (Cathy Anderson photo)

A black bear cub with an uncomfortable comfort level with Port Alice was plucked from a treetop yesterday in the hopes it can be safely released back in to the wild.

The cub had been seen numerous times over the past week around various areas of the North Island village and had clearly shown it was not afraid of humans. Calls were quickly made to conservation, who after monitoring the situation for 48 hours, arrived in the village on Tuesday, Dec. 7, when officers managed to capture the bear from high up in a tree on Clark Drive.

It was taken to North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington, which specializes in caring for distressed wildlife and safely returning animals to the wild.

“We appreciate the efforts of our local conservation officer in capturing the bear safely and delivering it to the centre for assessment,” said the Village of Port Alice in a Facebook post.

“To those that reported the bear to conservation, thank you! If the bear had not been reported he would have become too habituated to be given this opportunity. Your responsible actions are the best chance this bear has to live a full life in the wilds of the North Island.”

To report wildlife sightings, call the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.


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The black bear cub proved to be elusive, but was eventually caught. (Cathy Anderson photo)
The black bear cub being loaded into a vehicle. (Cathy Anderson photo)

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